ASAP Skincare

We use and recommend ASAP skincare products for cleaning, exfoliating, moisturising and sunscreen. ASAP stands for Australian Skin Approved Products, and is an Australian owned company based in Melbourne. The product range is affordable, simple to use and is suitable for men and women, and all skin types (normal, combination, oily and mature). They have been scientifically developed and formulated for:

  • promoting younger, healthier looking skin
  • softening dry skin
  • refreshing sun damaged skin
  • smoothing the complexion
  • minimising the visible signs of ageing
  • helping to reduce blocked pores and acne conditions

Daily use will benefit your skin by loosening and removing dead skin cells resulting in fresher, younger looking skin and stimulating new collagen growth resulting in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best results are obtained by combining a series of superficial peels performed in the clinic, followed up with a customised and simple skincare routine at home. At Melbourne Cosmetic Medicine, we offer two professional ASAP peel treatments: Glycolic Acid and Reveal Peel. Regular light peels will generally benefit all skin types and matured aged skin, including teenage acne.

The product range includes:

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