Restylane Skincare

The all new Restylane skincare contains a series of creams with patented NASHA and Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology. The unique formulation allows you to enjoy the hydration benefits 24 hours a day - the ultimate solution for dehydrated and ageing skin.

NASHA gel is a stabilised non-animal hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in the human body. NASHA gel is water loving, acting as a kind of natural sponge. The water restoring benefits of NASHA gel are now reinforced by the DMS technology used in the Restylane skincare products, to significantly reduce transepidermal water loss and leave your skin rich and soft, and to strengthen and build up the skin and it's protective barriers. It is so unlike conventional skincare formulations which only block your skin and give you an illusion on the surface that your skin is hydrated, but may ultimately damage the structure of your skin, weaken the outer skin layer and it's protective barrier function and cause water loss.

How Restylane Skincare works to hydrate your skin:

  • Tiny crystal-shaped particles reflect light and make your skin glow
  • Particles, invisible to the eye, hold water to naturally fill out lines, making the skin smooth
  • Microscopic water-binding particles keep the skin's hydration at the right level
  • Superior results for: hydration, lustre and glow, and filling out fine lines

The product range includes:

  • Restylane Day Cream (Protect and revitalize)
  • Restylane Night Cream (Restore and rejuvenate)